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Setting the Benchmark with EXEDY Dubai

When it comes to ensuring optimal performance and reliability in vehicle powertrain components, one brand emerges as the gold standard: EXEDY. This automotive part supplier is an undisputed leader in clutches and powertrain parts. Operating globally with 44 establishments in 25 countries, EXEDY Dubai represents the epitome of quality in the Middle Eastern market. 

ART Trading provides you with automotive innovation and quality of EXEDY products. Moreover, we provide genuine products of EXEDY with superior quality, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled performance. 

EXEDY Dubai – The World Leader for Auto Parts

EXEDY is a well-known brand of Japan, and mainly known for its clutch manufacturing. It supplies its auto parts, including clutches and disc plate all over the world. With the promise of exceptional quality and meticulously designed products, it assures the efficient performance of its parts. No matter which type of vehicle you have, the products of EXEDY Dubai comes with different shapes and sizes to cater your multiple needs. Similarly, being in the automotive industry since 1923, EXEDY provides advanced and innovative products. It is the leading OEM manufacturer of world for automotive parts like clutches and discs. 

ART trading has genuine EXEDY products including clutch disc and clutch covers to cater your diverse needs. We trade products directly from EXEDY and bring them in Dubai to serve you with genuine products. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of EXEDY products in Dubai. 

Our Lineup of EXEDY Products

Products of EXEDY Dubai range from manual clutch, torque converters, automatic transmission frictions, to industrial transmissions. Their lineup features various specialized clutch kits, including their standard OEM replacement clutch kits suitable for a broad range of vehicles. However, with exceptional designs such as Sports Tuff, Safari Tuff, and EXEDY Racing Clutch, they are a beacon of quality in the global market. Our inventory of EXEDY products include: 

EXEDY Twin Disc

One of EXEDY’s best inventions is its innovative twin disc clutch systems. Designed to cater to high-performance and heavy-duty applications, the EXEDY twin disc systems offer exceptional torque management and durability. Furthermore, whether you are upgrading a sports car or optimizing a commercial vehicle, these twin disc clutches guarantee smooth performance and extended service life.

EXEDY Twin Plate Clutch

Distinguished by its high torque capacity and thermal resistance, the EXEDY twin plate clutch sets new benchmarks in performance and adaptability. The design features two clutch plates that provide increased surface area for greater heat dissipation. This design is a testament to EXEDY’s prowess in engineering superior, reliable, and versatile clutch systems.

EXEDY Clutch Plate

EXEDY clutch plates are engineered to exceed OEM specifications. They offer the benefits of extended durability, better performance, and often, a more affordable price point. Moreover, no matter which car brand you have, our clutch plates from EXEDY Dubai can fit in and increase the efficiency of your vehicle. 

Quality Assurance in EXEDY Products

One aspect where EXEDY truly shines is the quality of its parts. From OEM to performance clutches, the quality remains uncompromising. Also, EXEDY employs stringent quality control measures to ensure every clutch plate and other components meet or exceed industry standards. 

ART Trading – Your One Stop Destination

Finding an authentic EXEDY product is never a hassle, thanks to a broad network of authorized EXEDY auto parts dealers and suppliers. Whether you’re in Dubai or anywhere else globally, rest assured that you’re investing in authentic, high-quality components that will stand the test of time. While there are numerous EXEDY auto parts dealers and suppliers, Choosing ART Trading for EXEDY Dubai ensures that you are choosing a trustworthy supplier. Lastly, with our twin disc and twin plate clutch systems, we set the benchmark for reliability and performance.

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